April 15, 2009 (Special Meeting)



The meeting of the Board of Education was called to order by Board President, Barbara Shull, with the following members present: Susan Jaquish, Ivan Erway, Dan Berguson, Terry Osborne, and Roxanne Landis.


Also present were Messrs: Kalata, Rakoski, and interested teachers and citizens.


Citizens Recognition: 




The Administration recommended Board approval to authorize execution of the adjudication regarding expulsion from all district schools of a certain student from Mansfield Jr. Sr. High School beginning March 6, 2009, for one year, through March 6, 2010.  On motion of Mr. Osborne and second of Mr. Berguson the Board voted 6 to 0, by roll call, to approve the recommendation.


On motion of Mrs. Landis and second of Mrs. Jaquish the Board voted 6 to 0 to adjourn the meeting.


Respectfully Submitted




James J. Rakoski, Board Secretary